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Swapping common foods in our diet can make a big difference when it comes to health and weight loss. Here are some easy food swaps to try to help boost your energy, promote weight loss and get you on track to feeling your very best!


Instead of potato chips… try kale or zucchini chips (click here for a recipe)


Instead of white sugar… try coconut sugar, raw honey or pure maple syrup


Instead of white flour… try spelt flour, almond flour or coconut flour


Instead of white pasta…try chickpea or edamame pasta


Instead of pizza… try a cauliflower pizza crust (click here for a recipe)


Instead of sugary cereal…try oatmeal


Instead of vegetable oil and canola oil…try grape seed oil, coconut oil or avocado oil


Instead of fruit yogurt…try plain yogurt (half the sugar!)


Instead of rice… try cauliflower rice (click here for a recipe)


Instead of white potato… try sweet potato


Instead of coffee… try green tea or matcha powder


Instead of sour cream…try Greek yogurt


Instead of white spaghetti… try zucchini noodles (click here for a recipe)


Instead of white mashed potatoes… try cauliflower mash (click here for a recipe)


Instead of croutons… try roasted chickpeas (click here for a recipe)


  1. Hetty Olszewski says:

    Made califlower fried rice tonight. Oh good heavens. Delicious. Everyone should make.

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