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The Importance of a Morning Routine (& what mine is)

Are you a morning person? No? Neither was I!

Does your current morning look like this?…Wake up…hit the snooze button…10 minutes later jump out of bed and get ready for work in all of 5 minutes…grab a granola bar to eat in the car and pull up to the Starbucks drive-through for some liquid energy? From this point on, your day will likely feel hectic, rushed and out-of-control. So how can you do better?

There is a lot of research out there that shows that people who have an established morning routine are more productive during the day. This does not mean that packing your morning with a workout, laundry and a shower all before 8:00am will lead to greater success in your life, but creating a routine to have some peace, positivity and structure before a full day will improve your health and well-being.

Here are some strategies to establish a morning routine that will work for YOU…

1. Give yourself a fair amount of time in the morning

A proper morning routine allows you enough time to actually enjoy your routine. No one enjoys feeling rushed and anxious first thing in the morning. Anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes in the morning should give you enough time get ready and check a couple things off your to-do list. 

TIP – stop hitting snooze on your alarm clock!

2. Fuel your body

You may not be eating breakfast now but please consider adding in a hearty breakfast to your morning routine. Our bodies require fuel to function optimally and beginning your workday without proper nutrition leads to feelings of fatigue and intense hunger. A nutrient-dense breakfast leads to more consistent energy levels during the day and reduces cravings and late-night snacking.

TIP – make sure to include a source of protein at breakfast to feel full for longer! My favourite breakfast proteins include free-range eggs, plain Greek yogurt or vegan protein powder in a smoothie.

3. Incorporate some movement into your morning routine

This is a tough one for people who are not “morning people”. Moving your body earlier in the day is a great way to stimulate your muscles and your mind so that you go into work feeling energized and refreshed.

TIP – If you are spending 20 minutes in bed scrolling on social media every morning, consider eliminating that screen time and getting out of bed to take a brisk walk around the block. Your body and mind will thank you!

So how do you get started with this new morning routine? The best advice I can give you is to plan out your morning the night before. Write out your ideal morning routine on a piece of paper and leave it beside your bed. Try to stick to the times you’ve set for yourself as best as you can and review your progress nightly to plan again for the next day. A routine takes time to change, but small changes every day will lead to a proper morning routine that has you feeling energized and ready to take on the day!

Here’s what my morning routine looks like…

6:00am – Wake up

6:15am – 6:45am – Meditate

6:45am – 7:00am – Stretch

7:00am – Hot shower with the last 30 seconds switching to a cold shower

7:30am – Green tea and fresh lemon

It took me a while to establish this morning routine, but I am so happy that I did. Having a little bit of time to myself in the morning makes the rest of my day more relaxed, enjoyable and manageable.

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