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Benefits of Lemon in Your Diet

My favourite way to start my morning is with a warm mug of water with a fresh lemon squeezed into it. It’s warming, relaxing and tastes great. You may have been served water with lemon at restaurants before or used lemon zest in some baking recipes and you may not have thought anything of it, but lemons are actually loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants and numerous other health benefits.

The nutrition facts for one whole lemon (peel removed) are:

Calories: 25 calories

Protein: 1 gram

Fat: 0.3 grams

Carbohydrates: 8 grams

Fiber: 2.4 grams

Vitamin C: 45 mg

Potassium: 115 mg

Here are some of the benefits of including lemon in your diet…

Enhances Immunity

One lemon provides about 40 mg of vitamin C and we know that vitamin C is important for immune health. Lemons are also full of antioxidants which fight inflammation and support the immune system by neutralizing harmful free radicals. A healthy immune system is important for so many reasons and research shows that getting enough vitamin C in your diet helps reduce the duration and severity of respiratory tract infections.

Increases Iron Absorption

Iron is an important mineral for the body and some of you may actually be on an iron supplement. Iron is one of the main components of hemoglobin which helps provide the body with oxygen. Iron absorption is enhanced when taken with a vitamin C rich food or beverage. If you are at risk for iron deficiency or take an iron supplement, including lemon water or other citrus fruits in your diet is a great way to enhance your absorption of iron.

Helps with Weight Loss

A great substitute for sugary juices is a glass of lemon infused water. Even natural fruit juices are loaded with natural sugars and subbing out some of these for a refreshing glass of sugar-free lemon water is a great practice if you are looking to reduce your sugar consumption or lose weight.

Supports Heart Health

Research shows that eating Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables reduces your risk of heart disease. The fiber and plant compounds in lemons contribute to lowering some risk factors for heart disease including lowering total blood cholesterol levels. There are many ways to incorporate citrus fruits into your diet and an easy start is a glass of lemon water each morning.

If you can change one healthy habit today, let it be including a mug of lemon water into your morning routine. Go to the grocery store, stock up on some lemons, give them a good wash and begin this habit today!

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