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A Healthy Holiday Charcuterie Board – Gluten & Dairy Free

Just in time for the holidays – a healthy version of a charcuterie board that the whole family will love! I’ve included gluten free (GF) and dairy free (DF) options here so all your guests can gather around your snacking board.

Here are my suggestions for items to include on your healthy charcuterie board this year


  • Guacamole (GF, DF) – we use Simply Organic Guacamole Mix and just add avocados for the most flavourful guacamole!
  • Hummus (GF, DF) – grab your favourite hummus from the grocery store. Our favourite is Sabra’s classic hummus.
  • Babganoush (GF, DF) – this is an eggplant spread with tahini and olive oil and goes great with any type of veggies and crackers.
  • Bruschetta (GF, DF) – grab your favourite from the store or make your own at home!
  • Kozlik’s Gourmet mustard (GF) – you can’t go wrong with Kozlik’s mustard and we personally love the Amazing Maple flavour!

Chips & Crackers

  • Mary’s crackers (GF, DF) – by far our favourite crackers on the market!
  • Ryvita Thins Onion Flatbreads (DF) – these are great to grab and dip in any of the above dips.
  • Blue Diamond Nut Thins Hint of Sea Salt (GF)
  • Nud Cheezy Crackers (GF, DF) – dairy free cheesy crackers that everyone will love!
  • Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips (GF, DF) – if your family is new to coconut chips, this is a great place to start!
  • Glutino Pretzel Twists (GF) – the crunchiest gluten-free pretzels we’ve ever tasted!
  • Solar Raw Organic Ultimate Kale Chips Hemp Cream & Chive (GF, DF) – forget the potato chips this year and step it up with some healthy kale chips.

Nuts, Seeds & Mixes

  • Prana Kilimanjaro Mix (GF)  – the perfect mix of chocolate and nuts.
  • Prana Sumsuma Sesame squares (GF) – with only two ingredients, organic sesame seeds and organic evaporated cane juice, you can add some real crunch to your board!
  • Prana Go Nuts Maple Nuts (GF)
  • Central Roast Raw Macadamia Nuts (GF, DF)
  • Central Roast Raw Pecans (GF, DF)
  • Central Roast Raw Pumpkin Seeds (GF, DF)
  • Central Roast Sea Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar Cashews (DF) – another great alternative to potato chips! Similar crunch and same great flavour!

Fruits & Veggies

  • Matchstick carrots
  • Celery sticks
  • Cucumber slices
  • Red or green grapes
  • Apple slices
  • Pear slices
  • Fresh dates
  • Figs
  • Berries – raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries

Pickled/Brined Foods

  • Olives
  • Sweet or dill pickles
  • Pickled jalapenos
  • Marinated artichokes

Dairy-Free Cheese

  • Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Cheddar (GF, DF)
  • Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella (GF, DF)


  • Lesser Evil Himalayan Pink Organic Popcorn (GF, DF) – this stuff is seriously addicting!
  • The GFB Peanut Butter Bites (GF, DF)
  • The GFB Banana Nut Grain Free Bites (GF, DF)
  • Prana Organic Dried Mangoes (GF, DF)
  • Prana Matcha Magic Chocolate Bark (GF)
  • Three Farmer’s Roasted Chickpeas Lightly Salted (GF)
  • Glutino Vanilla Wafers (GF)

Get creative with your charcuterie board and you really can’t go wrong here! Get the kids involved with the assembly of your board and make sure to add pops of colour wherever you can. Add a variety of textures and flavours and make sure to keep any items containing dairy or gluten separate from the allergen-free items on your board.

We would love to see some photos of your beautiful dairy-free, gluten-friendly charcuterie boards this holiday season so tag us on Instagram at @drjoeyshulman. Happy Holidays!

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