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4 Powerful Ways to Heal your Gut (and your Health!)

If you have read any of my books or articles, you know I am always focused on your hormones and gut health. In fact, research is very clear that your gut health is linked to your mood, immune system, skin health and even weight loss! So – what can you do to ensure your gut is in tip top shape? For starters, follow these 4 powerful nutritional steps.

Step #1 -Record your symptoms and keep going!

It is often easy to forget how lousy you felt when you start feeling better. When beginning a new health venture, record all symptoms in a food journal. Do you experience bloating, brain fog, energy, joint pain or belly fat? Once per week detail how you are feeling and how you are improving. Your body’s only voice is your symptoms – so pay close attention! Try to implement changes for a minimum of 90 days, Keep in mind, major health changes will typically not occur in just 1-2 weeks. Healing takes time.

    Step #2 – Remove all food irritants  

Your gut does not have a chance to heal if you are eating foods that your body is sensitive to. Removing common irritants is the best way to help lower inflammation and repair gut lining. The most common food sensitivities are gluten, dairy, corn, soy and eggs. This does not mean you have to eliminate these foods for the rest of your life – you are just in a trial-and-error phase. When you are feeling better, you can always challenge your system one food at a time. In my clinical experience (and my personal experience with my own diet and health) – gluten is often the worst offender.

Step #3 – Eat a plant based diet 80-90% of the time

I think people get a little nervous when I refer them to a plant based diet. They think, “I can never have meat, fish, chicken etc. again?”. When you go plant based, you do NOT have to be a vegetarian. It just means that you are eating a large amount of fruits and vegetables that offer considerable benefits for the gut.

Step #4 – Consider gut healing supplements

Supplements alone will not heal your gut. You also need to eat well, hydrate often, watch stress and exercise. With that said, I do use supplements in my practice to accelerate the healing process. The ones I often refer to are:

  • A highly quality probiotic
  • Omega 3 fish oils
  • Enzymes at meals to help with bloating

To order supplements, create a fullscript account by clicking here. We will deliver right to your door within all of Canada (you can click on favourites to see what I often recommend).

Take home point: You are your gut! In order to heal from the inside out – be patient, take the steps above and consider working 1 on 1 with a trained health care professional.

Looking to get started on your health journey with Dr. Joey and her amazing team? Click here to book in for your free health and weight loss assessment at 1 of our 3 clinics! Virtual options are also available.

  1. Shelly Tendeck says:

    Hello Dr Joey, I met you many years ago in Calgary ! Wish you lived here ! Do you happen to have a book on Gluten Free? How to heal your gut! Would be interested to try.
    You are AMAZING!

  2. […] all the food irritants in the diet, I believe gluten is one of the major disruptors to gut health and can also heighten the inflammatory response and worsen neurological […]

  3. marlene says:

    I live in Surrey b.c. how do I get evaluated?

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