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Dr. Joey’s Natural Holiday Gift Giving Guide!

Are you ready? It’s here! Below you will find all the very best holistic gifts to give to those you love (or to treat yourself!). Check out some great savings when it comes to beauty, health, detox, and accessories.

Wishing you all the very best in health and happiness this holiday season.

Dr. Joey xo


Shulman Health – Health is the first wealth! This year, you can purchase Shulman Health’s 5-week Kickstarter program for your loved ones. Whether it is boosting energy, improving digestion, detoxing, balancing hormones or simply taking back control of your health – the Kick Starter is the perfect plan to make it happen. Simply e-mail our head office here with the message – HOLIDAYSAVINGS to receive 10% off for yourself or to gift to a loved one.

Beauty counter Vitamin C serum – This best-selling serum goes on under my moisturizing cream and gives me the glow I am looking for in the winter. The antioxidant-rich formula helps defend skin from the damaging effects of environmental stressors, revealing a more youthful-looking complexion. Click here to order and use discount code CLEANFORALL20 on your first order to receive 20% off.

DIME beauty is another one of my favourite lines. They are committed to providing clean and safe alternatives for traditional skincare and beauty products without sacrificing performance. I use the Turn back Time serum and moisturizing cream. I also love their eyelash boosting cream and lip balms (great stocking stuffers!). Click link to receive 20% of any DIME product or use my discount code DRJOEYSHULMAN

Simple modern water bottle – I am constantly trying to get my clients to reduce their toxic load by minimizing the amount of plastics used on a daily basis (plastics cause a xenoestrogenic effect that can upset endocrine/hormonal balance). This is also why I only use clean beauty and cleaning products.

Check out my favorite water bottle -the perfect gift available in several colors and sizes (I own the almond birch color – love it!). And remember to drink 2 liters of water per day!

I am a big advocate of taking care of your liver. Part of my regular detox routine involves using castor oil packs. I love Queen of Thrones non mess liver castor oil pack kit. Use discount code DRJOEYSHULMAN to receive 10% off your order or click here.

Looking to get top lines of supplements shipped to your door? Create an online account on my Fullscript Dispensary and receive 10% off! Simply click here. Don’t forget to check out my anti-inflammatory, menopausal, gut and adrenal plans as well!

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